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Why Do Cloth Pads Cost So Much?

Why do cloth pads cost so much?

At first glance, a tiny cloth pad seems overpriced when you know that inexpensive flannel sells for $6 a yard or even less. A lot more goes into a cloth pad than a little cheap fabric, and the difference between one brand of pads or even one style of pads and another is often significant. You absolutely will save money by using cloth rather than disposables, but there is more to the cost of a cloth pad than you might see at first glance.
The quality of fabrics vary widely. Some fabrics are cheap for a reason. Cheap fabrics will wear out faster than quality fabrics, and in the case of flannel, cheap flannel will fade and get stiff and pilly very quickly when washed. We choose to use quality fabrics and we choose to do business with other companies who use good quality materials.
The cost of any handmade item should reflect the time it takes to make the item as well as the time it takes to gather materials, develop and perfect a pattern, sew the pad, market the business so that others know where to buy the pads, develop web sites and information for those who want to know more, answer customer emails, ship the pads and spend time on other business needs including accounting. A good quality pad takes at least 15-45 minutes to cut, sew, and snap, depending on the complexity.
The cost of any product is also reflective of the cost of machines to sew with, needles, thread, cutting supplies, electricity, dyes, wash water and drying for fabrics that must be presshrunk, gasoline to shop for supplies or postage to have them shipped, web site fees, payment processing fees, and more gasoline to get them to the post office.
Many of our products are sewn by work at home moms (WAHMs). While you can find pads made by WAHMs who charge little or nothing for their time, we feel it is only fair that WAHMs are paid a fair wage. After all, they take time from their families to sew high-quality, long-lasting pads for you, we don't want them making sweatshop wages for their efforts.
We do not carry cheap products because we feel that you deserve the highest quality items we can provide. Paying $4-18 for a pad that will last several years is still a bargain. You'll find a more in-depth discussion of cloth pad costs here.
If you would like to make your own pads, you can also buy some of the materials and patterns in my cloth diaper supplies store. Here are some great resources for making your own cloth menstrual pads.