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Tampon Alternatives

Tampon alternatives offer a way to save money, reduce the number of chemicals your body absorbs, and help to keep thousands of tampons out of the landfills and sewage treatement systems. If you want to know how expensive tampons can be - ask a plumber about what happens to all those flushed away "disposable" products. Far too often they cause expensive plumbing repairs!
We recently had a sewer pipe backup and $1500 repair due to flushed tampons - and I don't use them! These were simply from visiting friends and family flushing theirs. It made me even more grateful that I switched to reusable menstrual products years ago.
Sea sponges and reusable menstrual cups can make your life easier and are so much more comfortable than throwaway options. Sea sponge tampons are a completely natural alternative. They are made from sustainably harvested sea sponges. Reusable menstrual cups are made from either silicone or natural rubber. Due to concerns about latex allergies, we only carry silicone menstrual cups as tampon alternatives.